The surprising new community

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*This story was told by Mohamed Ali Didi, Fasiya, Gn.Fuvahmulah. The story is compiled and written by Yasir Salih

bokkura2In ancient times, it was believed  that Fuvahmulah existed as two separate islands. Fishing was the backbone and livelihood of the inhabitants and people of Fuvahmulah enjoyed their living with the blessings of the vast ocean surrounding them.

One sunny day, two fishermen rowed their bokkura in to the passage of Ambul, an anchorage area in the north west of the island. They went to the beach to collect some bamboo fishing rods that they had kept on the beach. When they arrived at Ambul, an old man was sitting on a wooden log. The two fishermen gave him some of their catches and rowed out of Ambul.

The old man who was sitting on the ground gazed at the bokkura and followed the vessel while walking along the bushes. He was wondering why the vessel departed from Ambul after a huge catch. The two fishermen rowed the bokkura along the northern shore of the island. The old man walked silently through the thick vegetation, following the course of the vessel. Then the bokkura moved in to Thoondu, the northern beach in Fuvahmulah.

As the fishermen anchored the bokkura, the old man observed what they were doing through screw pine trees. The fishermen anchored the bokkura and hiked through narrow walkways formed in the dense jungle. The curious old man, acting so silently, followed the fishermen by staying behind at a distance. After a while, the fishermen reached Feeshigando (a small land mass in the marshy areas) of Veyregamige area, a section in Dhiguvaado ward. The old man hesitated and hid behind a tree.

He saw the two fishermen entering a household, and was surprised by a community living there. He witnessed smoke coming out of the area, as members of the community were cooking and enjoying the mid-afternoon. The old man previously thought the only community that was living in Fuvahmulah was residing where he had been living. The curious old man was happy to witness a community in his island and he rushed towards the house that the fishermen entered. He introduced himself and the community greeted him. Thereafter, the people from the old man’s community knew that there were people living in other areas of Fuvahmulah.



Fuvahmulah- is an island which lies in the Equatorial Channel

Ambul- a beach in Fuvahmulha

Bokkuraa- small rowing boat

Thoondu- northern beach of Fuvahmulah

Feeshigando – small elevated land areas in the wet lands of Fuvahmulah

Veyregamige – a household in Dhiguvaandu ward of Fuvahmulah


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