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The enigmatic island of Maldives

The ‘miracle’ of flying fish gliding towards Fuvahmulah

During the southwest monsoon season (locally known as Hulhango), flying fish (locally known as Hulhammaha), prevail in the northwestern shore of Fuvahmulah. The humble fishes are surrounded by predators – tuna, sharks, travally, manthas and other predators. And up in the air the aggressive frigate birds, locally known as Huraa, hover in the air, waiting for the launching of hulhanmaha from… Read More »

Kenalviun- weaving mats

Wet lands, taro fields and marshy lands are unique features of Fuvahmulah. And hau, plant used to weave mats, are found in abundance. So a tradition of weaving kenal, mats was an integral part of the island’s craftsmanship. How it is made First the leaf (reeds), or hau, is collected and left to dry in the sun. It is then… Read More »

“Goodugooda”- the adorable partner of smokers

“Aiseifaane! Dhunfaganda medela. Koba Kadhefaanemey? “Aiseifaane, mix a mound for goodugooda. Where is Aamineifaane- and others,” this is a typical call when a visitor enters the household that has a goodugooda or hookah. Goodugooda was widely used in Fuvahmulah as it was a “partner” of all the smokers in the Maldives- for centuries. Goodugooda’s ability to produce pleasant, non-irritating smoke… Read More »

The shameless crows and their unexpected demise

By Yasir Salih All Rights Reserved. The contents of this website site may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, distributed or uploaded in any way without my prior written permission. For permission requests, write to the author- Buddhism in the Maldives was the predominant religion at least until the 12th century CE. This… Read More »