The artistic fishing method of catching Yellow fin Tuna

Fishing is a skill. It involves techniques and various methods. In Maldives, fishermen deploy different methods to catch the great yellowfin tuna. One of these is the method using Chad Mackerel (Rinmas or Rinmaha) to catch these species of fish.  Fuvahmulah is an island surrounded by the vast Ocean, a famous spot to yellowfin tuna.… Read More »

The unconcerned man who controlled a ship in a rough sea

This story is complied and written by Yasir Salih. Information provided by Mohamed Ali Didi, Fasiya, Gn.Fuvahmulah In the early days, Maldivians used vedi, a travelling vessel, to travel to Sri Lanka and other countries. On a bright sunny day, a Vedi set off from Fuvahmulah. At round 5 pm, after an hour of sailing, like a… Read More »

The weird creatures that ‘invaded’ Fuvahmulah

Perhaps, I don’t actually remember, but i hear people say that the breadfruits in Fuvahmulah were almost wiped out by an insect. My father’s island- Fuvahmulah- is an isle that is covered by thick vegetation. The greatest gift that the island has bestowed is the nutritious soil and abundance of fruits and thick vegetation that… Read More »