Maldivian women and the “magic powder”

Mirror mirroron the wall…who is the fairest of them all? Maldivian women love to stay beautiful. They always use the available resources to preserve their beauty. “It is a beauty among women to have the hair very long, thick, and black; they dress and bathe it often… they let it float in the wind until it be perfectly… Read More »

The late Abdhurahmanbe. A legacy of courage and bravery

The world was armed with nuclear weapons in the 1950s. Eventhough the World War two ended, humanity was in a state of horror after the nuclear attack on Japan. Imperialism dominated the world. Disputes shattered nations and disunited people of same race and creed. The world war with multi-faceted disputes lead to the death of millions. An island… Read More »

The inventive artisan of Fuvahmulah

It was a sunny day. I was preparing to collect fish wastes from the harbor hoping to land a Giant Travally (Mudahandhi or Maamudu- my favorite predator in the ocean). I took my bike and I was riding through the small narrow roads of my district – Dhadimagu. Coincidentally I went down a road where a specialist man –  Thuhthu didi… Read More »

The special fabric Maldivians wore for 200 years

Maldives has a distinct tradition and culture. One of the symbols of their identity is wearing of clothes. Lungi or locally known as “mundu” has been a special fabric worn by the Maldivians for a long time. This year I was lucky to visit the place where the Maldivians had been buying their special lungies for centuries. Angapanec… Read More »

The private home for learning

About 30 years ago, every morning I went to a house in my district to learn Quran. Children of my age group gather at the house where “Dhatha” (meaning sister) tought us how to read and learn Quran. We all sat on a cement platform built in the household next to the yam fields. Dhatha took us versus… Read More »