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Catching frigate birds

The monsoon season- for Fuvahmulah- attracts thousands of Frigate birds or locally knows as huraa. These birds have long wings, a streamlined shape and low weight give it great maneuverability in the air. Flocks of huraa would hover the tall coconut trees on the beach. The predators silently glide in the air stay for their prey. When flying fish (locally… Read More »

Punishment island of Maldives

Fuvahmulah is the only one-island atoll in the Maldivian archipelago, located about 494 km away from Male’. The island is geographically distanted from other islands or atolls. The closest atoll is Addu, lying around 75 kilometers away from Fuvahmulah. You cannot observe a nearby island or  a land mass. But the island’s breathtaking beauty and geographical formation conquers… Read More »

Water torture used against my best friend

This is a true incident happened in Addu atoll about 20 years ago Torture has has been widespread. The truth and rumors are disregarded by some of us. But it is a fact that people have been subjected to inhumane conditions. Although Islam is the religion of Maldives for centuries, there was no respect for sharia and principles… Read More »